Friday, September 4, 2015

So, what's this thing gonna look like?

Many of you have asked for a picture of what the house will look like when it's complete. Below is the architect's drawing of the house (Bruce Eason, New South Classics). We purchased plans for the house you see below and subsequently made many alterations to get to the house we are now building, including expanding the kitchen, enlarging the upstairs bathroom and removal of the 3-season porch with fireplace in the back ($$$), among other things. We worked with the architect to make the changes and eventually come up with a layout unique to our needs and desires. The concept is the same: a two-story, white, modern farmhouse. We are using a ton of reclaimed barn and farmhouse materials on the inside of the house -- thanks to Steve and the hours and hours of planning and sweat equity he has put in. I can't wait to share photos of those things as they start to get incorporated! If you want to see the floor plans, click on the link below the picture and that will give you a pretty good idea of what it will be like. Caution: once you enter the website, you may be stuck there for hours drooling over some amazing homes!

Valley View Farmhouse

Addendum: Steve asked me to share this other drawing which more accurately represents what the front of our house will look like. 


  1. Hi Gretchen! I found your blog through the New South Classics website where I've been studying the Valley View Farmhouse plan. We live in North Carolina and just closed on a few acres of land out in "the country". We have been searching for the perfect plan and so far I'm pretty intrigued with Valley View, specifically the alternate plan but without the basement I think. I was so thrilled to discover your blog with pictures of this plan going up! One of my fears is that I'm not picturing these plans in my head the way they actually look in real life. Anyway, I have enjoyed looking through the pictures of yours going up so far and I hope you will continue to post as the house is completed. I'd love to hear more about how you modified the plan to fit your needs. I don't know if you might even have a pdf file of your layout/blueprint or something? I see you haven't posted anything new in awhile, which I imagine is due to holidays and winter weather may have slowed progress. I hope you'll post something new soon! :) It's looking great!

    1. Hi Ryan and Amy! Thanks for your note! I'm glad the blog is helping you think through your own plans. It certainly is a huge undertaking, emotionally, physically and financially! We made modifications to the original plan, not the "alternate" plan. Some of the larger modifications we made were enlarging the kitchen and garage, we got rid of the natural fireplace, the terrace and screened porch, made some slight modifications to the closets in the master bedroom, and enlarged the upstairs bathroom. I hope you understand we cannot share our blueprints; they cost thousands of dollars! Hopefully the pictures on the blog are giving you a feel for what it's like. I wish we would have had that! Good luck with your planning and building!