Thursday, October 8, 2015

It looks like a house!

I have been meaning to post for about the past 10 days, but things have been SO busy for us at work, home and with the kids. We are like ships passing in the night (or day, for that matter). We high-five each other as one is coming home and the other is leaving, usually to go and take care of something for the house -- where the list of "to-dos" is never-ending. But, I am not complaining. For every time I go out to the house, my heart beats faster and it feels as though the sun is shining right on our house nestled in the trees and tall grass. It's hard not to smile just thinking about it!

Enough of my emotional unpacking - onto what you really came for - THE HOUSE!

Since 9/26/15 (my last post), the house and garage are framed, the roofing has begun and the windows and (most of) the doors are in!! We also had to make a last minute run to Eau Claire to meet my Dad, who had an old clawfoot tub that we are going to refinish and use in the master bathroom. The plumber needed exact measurements and the only way to do that was to get it in the house. You'll enjoy the picture below. Ha!

Basement framing

Main floor framing - you can see the outline of areas not yet framed

Main level almost done

Trusses going up
A view from the southeast side 
Stairs are in (which means upstairs is framed as well)

Looking from the front door towards the west side of the house where the great room will be

Oooh! Exciting! Roofing has begun and windows are in. What do you think of the black framing on the windows.  I LOVE IT!!

There are about 500 more pictures of the past 10 days, but these summarize things pretty well! Over the next week, the rough plumbing and HVAC will go in, and possibly the retaining wall in the back. Oh, and the well. Just a few things going on, as usual. :)

Thanks again for reading!