Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Brace yourself. We have foundation walls!

While many of you were at your cabins or the State Fair over the weekend, the cement guys were out at our property Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labor Day), sweating their a$$es off, preparing the forms for the poured cement foundation. Remember Saturday and Sunday? Hot. Humid. Really humid. If I ever say I'm tired from work, or that I worked really hard, slap me. These guys WORKED. HARD. Wow.

I have a series of photos from the preparation of the forms to what it looks like tonight, with cement just poured today. I'll put a note by each to try to describe what you're seeing. Things are moving quickly. Next week we'll have a number of crews out working on geothermal, waterproofing, drain tile and plumbing. And the excavators will probably start doing the backfill as well.

Here we go:

Footings set - forms starting on South side of house
Standing in the basement - rebar sticking up from the footings
Looking South (the rectangle of dirt is the garage floor)
Looking North
Piles of forms
About 1/2 of the forms up

The picture at the very top of this post is what the forms looked like today. Cement is in. We're thinking the forms will come off on Friday and there will be real, cement walls!

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