Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pieces of the puzzle

LOTS has happened since my last post, almost a month ago. It's amazing how fast this house is going up. The weather has been on our side, and these 60 degree days in November are truly a gift. All of the pieces are coming together and the reality of moving into this house sinks in a little more each day. I'm not going to write too much in the intro, because I have a ton of pictures to share and I'll write a little note below each one. They are in rough chronological order. Many of these jobs are done in phases, but you'll get the idea. Enjoy!

The roof is on! This is a view of the garage in progress. The roof is a dark grey, almost black. The only part that is not done is a metal roofing that will be installed over the front porch.

A lovely view of the septic field

Retaining wall going in. It is so cool. I can't wait to see the patio finished next Spring.

A view from the field looking at the back of the house.

Basement. Lots of wires. Utility room.

Kitchen window. My white apron-front sink will sit in front of this. Picture white cabinets, black counter tops and stainless-steel appliances. I can feel the good vibes already.

Can lights

Rough-in plumbing for the mudroom. From left to right: washing machine, dryer, sink
Cement has been poured in the basement

Cement in the garage (entry door to the back left of photo; stairs to basement in the back right)

Cement is poured for the front porch. Our dog, Nikki, is checking things out. This is the section of the roof that will be a metal roofing. The porch pillars were not in yet; the beams were there for stability. You can see more of the roofing in this photo as well.

Cement for the garage floor and apron has been poured

Another view of the retaining wall. Finished for now. It's gorgeous!

Close up of where the fireplace bumps-out

Insulation going in. The white moisture barrier is on all exterior walls.
The is what it looks like after they blow the insulation in

Stairwell (sans stairs) to the basement from the garage. Genius idea we stole from my Dad and Terry.
Looking down now that the stairs and door are in

Looking up from the basement into the garage

Thanks for reading! I'm already working on another post about our long-awaited shed. Stay tuned!

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