Saturday, November 7, 2015

The "Shed"

Last Fall, we intended to put up a large "shed" before winter, so we could start to move some things out to the property. You know, country living kind of stuff: tractor, bush hog, a mower (or two), reclaimed lumber, etc., etc. However, due to building permit regulations, we pretty much had to do the "shed" and the house at the same time. (There are time limitations to constructing a building without a residence on the property first.) So, we had to wait, and unfortunately, wait ... and wait ... and WAIT for Cleary to come out and build this damn "shed." Well, they finally came last week and the "shed" is up. 

Now, the reason "shed" has been in quotations is because I'm pretty much the only one involved with this project that calls it a shed. Everyone else calls it a BARN. Yep, a barn. This city girl never, EVER thought she'd own anything that could even remotely be called a barn. But, alas, I have come to embrace the term that literally means "a large farm building used for storing grain, hay or straw or for housing livestock." (Do my husband and kids count?!!) And, I think "barn" actually fits better with this country livin' than "shed." So there. We have a barn.

Excavation for the barn.
A view of the barn coming up the driveway. You'll actually drive past the barn to get to the house.

Barn framing. I'm pretty sure it's 30'x48', but I could be wrong. I'll wait and see if Steve says anything!
A piece of the barn siding. I love this picture because it shows the color really well.
Siding going up on the back of the barn. Finished floor is recycled concrete.
Finished barn - east side.
The wainscoting and roof are dark gray. It has a birds-beak feature on the front and a decorative bale door.
Finished barn - west side
The cupola is reclaimed from Steve's great aunt Elsie's farm in Dayton, MN.
It is a really special reminder of her and the farm, where Steve spent many days of his life.
Elsie is no longer with us, but I know we'll think of her every time we look up at that cupola.
Close-up of the cupola without the horse on top.
The horse is my favorite part, so I'll add a picture of that later, when I get it from Steve.
On par for this project, there is a lot going on this next week: sheetrock and siding, for starters. Two major elements that are going to change the look of things, big time. Can't wait to share it with you next week!

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